Saturday, June 20, 2009

The wonders of the B6

In the Director's Statement of this film, I've stated that "Dreams starring my father since he died, and dreams to come on the voyage, will reawake on the movie screen, giving a peak into the fantasy world created in the subconscious".

It was an easy task to write that idea down, but it's not a very easy task to accomplish, mainly because I don't remember any of my dreams.

I do remember one dream I had - it was during the days we where working hard to explore the boat & make it ready for this voyage. So many technical questions where rising, that only my father could answer. In that dream, I was sailing with my parents, asking my father for all those answers. It's a shame that none of my question where relevant & none of his answers made any sense.

A month had past by & no other dream stayed in my mind.
& then, following an enchanted encounter with a mysterious Chinese woman, I have come to learn about the wonders of Vitamin B6. As promised, vitamin B6 helps create more vivid, intense & lucid dreams & helps you store those dream in your memory.

The first night, experimenting with B6, was indeed intense. I can not tell if it was a direct result of that vitamin or my encounter with Hsueh-Chin, that troubled my sleep, but not a frame, of the many dreams I've had that night, remind in my head the next day.

In the morning of my second B6 night, I found this in my dream diary:
I see my shirtless father, sitting in a hospital bed, with my old pique blanket covering his legs. He has just gave birth to a new born baby & my proud mother is standing by his bed with a big smile on her face. I turn left & I see Gadi Taub, in a doctors gown, with a baby in his hands: "Yontan, may I present your brother". He hands me the baby. In my mind, this is a new born Itamar, my older brother. I embrace my new sibling & tears start watering my eyes. I can hear my father disapproving: "what are you crying about?". I look around the room & everybody's laughing. I look at my father, his laugher turns into a seizure, but no one seems to notice. He drools & dies.

Tonight I'm gonna take a double dosage.

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