Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hush little baby

Greg Spence Wolf - Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The bizarre world of the aluminum welders

It's been a rough week for Black Dolores.... Actually she got a nice new paint job, so one positive thing did happen:The problem is, that a good aluminum welder, is not an easy thing to find & the worst thing is, that they know it. So, either they want to charge a crazy amount of money for an hour's work, or they just take their time in returning your calls. I've heard some people talk about an economic crisis, but I guess this crisis does not effect the aluminum welding industry.

Today, after a week's search, we though we found the perfect man for the job (welding the infamous hole). It was this crazy dude who's building a 45 feet aluminum catamaran in his back yard & was willing to come to the shipyard in a few hours notice & for a fair amount of money.

We went straight to his "workshop", filled with contentment, thinking we beat the aluminum-welders-system & found the one guy who's not a part of their clique. I saw the huge catamaran in his yard & was very impressed (but didn't feel right taking pictures, sorry). We drove him the car shop, to pickup his track & then drove out of the city, to pickup a special extension cord, while he was working back in his house on our aluminum plate.

I have to say that something felt fishy about this dude, something didn't weld, but after this horrible week, I had to keep thinking of him as my lord saver.

When we got back to the house, he had already finish with the plate & we helped him lift his huge welding machine on to his track. Before we left, he mumbled something about already regretting taking that job & something about wanting his money before entering the shipyard.

Today was a hot day & I remembered him also saying something about his car's AC not working. I had the feeling this will not help the situation. So, when we met again, after a 15 min drive from his house to the marina, we found Mr. Hyde behind the wheel. He said that he doesn't feel like doing the job anymore & turned around & drove away.

Does anybody know a good aluminum welder?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reuven & Aliza 1970

Yesterday, 24.06.09, my parents were suppose to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary.

Music: Bound by Pink Noise (edited version)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rapid Eye Movement

It's 7am & I wake up thinking about my father's one year memorial service. As things progress, it seems like I will not be able to attend. Someone told me that being in the middle of the Mediterranean will also be an appropriate way to commemorate my father's memory.
I think of asking Nadav to shoot the service for me & for the film. I start to imagine the people, my family, my father's grave & the way I want it all to be shot. I guess I was falling asleep again at that point - suddenly I see my father there, he is sitting far with his back to everybody, introverted. his old camera in is lap, concealed in it's case, strap around he's shoulder. I approach him, to ask why he's not joining everybody, but before I get an answer, it all fades away. Thanks B6.

(Just got a call from the Greenhouse project, they really liked my proffer, but wondered about the dates - their first workshop, in turkey, falls on the day of the memorial service. If I can not be there, they won't take my project. I think I really can't be there for that workshop, as I've stated above, but who knows...).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm not going anywhere

Last Friday we took the boat for another sea trial. we originally planed to sail for two days, but fortunately we changed our plans. I say 'fortunately' because after 1.5h of sailing we turned around back to the marina (we had a 'sea sick' on board). The moment we completed the turn, the bilge alarm went on. it turns out that the transducer of the dept meter broke & water was flooding in. We managed to get back to the marina, while I was holding the transducer in place & the skipper is taking the water out with a bucket (none of the pumps worked when we needed them).

Now Black Dolores is out of the water & It feels like I'm not going anywhere.

The wonders of the B6

In the Director's Statement of this film, I've stated that "Dreams starring my father since he died, and dreams to come on the voyage, will reawake on the movie screen, giving a peak into the fantasy world created in the subconscious".

It was an easy task to write that idea down, but it's not a very easy task to accomplish, mainly because I don't remember any of my dreams.

I do remember one dream I had - it was during the days we where working hard to explore the boat & make it ready for this voyage. So many technical questions where rising, that only my father could answer. In that dream, I was sailing with my parents, asking my father for all those answers. It's a shame that none of my question where relevant & none of his answers made any sense.

A month had past by & no other dream stayed in my mind.
& then, following an enchanted encounter with a mysterious Chinese woman, I have come to learn about the wonders of Vitamin B6. As promised, vitamin B6 helps create more vivid, intense & lucid dreams & helps you store those dream in your memory.

The first night, experimenting with B6, was indeed intense. I can not tell if it was a direct result of that vitamin or my encounter with Hsueh-Chin, that troubled my sleep, but not a frame, of the many dreams I've had that night, remind in my head the next day.

In the morning of my second B6 night, I found this in my dream diary:
I see my shirtless father, sitting in a hospital bed, with my old pique blanket covering his legs. He has just gave birth to a new born baby & my proud mother is standing by his bed with a big smile on her face. I turn left & I see Gadi Taub, in a doctors gown, with a baby in his hands: "Yontan, may I present your brother". He hands me the baby. In my mind, this is a new born Itamar, my older brother. I embrace my new sibling & tears start watering my eyes. I can hear my father disapproving: "what are you crying about?". I look around the room & everybody's laughing. I look at my father, his laugher turns into a seizure, but no one seems to notice. He drools & dies.

Tonight I'm gonna take a double dosage.

New Sails!

This is Black Dolores

The music is a song my brother, Itamar, wrote to my father a few years before the he died.

Sailing for the first time

Here are some pictures from April, sailing Black Dolores for the first time, since my parents last sailed it together in July:

In so many words

Last august, my father was killed in a plane crash, leaving behind a promise he never fulfilled. Not being a sailor myself I will fulfill this promise, sailing from Israel to France, accompanied by the cloud of morbid history following my father’s boat. This voyage will prove to me and my father that I have the courage to face life’s greatest challenges. This blog will tell the stories of this production.

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