Friday, June 26, 2009

The bizarre world of the aluminum welders

It's been a rough week for Black Dolores.... Actually she got a nice new paint job, so one positive thing did happen:The problem is, that a good aluminum welder, is not an easy thing to find & the worst thing is, that they know it. So, either they want to charge a crazy amount of money for an hour's work, or they just take their time in returning your calls. I've heard some people talk about an economic crisis, but I guess this crisis does not effect the aluminum welding industry.

Today, after a week's search, we though we found the perfect man for the job (welding the infamous hole). It was this crazy dude who's building a 45 feet aluminum catamaran in his back yard & was willing to come to the shipyard in a few hours notice & for a fair amount of money.

We went straight to his "workshop", filled with contentment, thinking we beat the aluminum-welders-system & found the one guy who's not a part of their clique. I saw the huge catamaran in his yard & was very impressed (but didn't feel right taking pictures, sorry). We drove him the car shop, to pickup his track & then drove out of the city, to pickup a special extension cord, while he was working back in his house on our aluminum plate.

I have to say that something felt fishy about this dude, something didn't weld, but after this horrible week, I had to keep thinking of him as my lord saver.

When we got back to the house, he had already finish with the plate & we helped him lift his huge welding machine on to his track. Before we left, he mumbled something about already regretting taking that job & something about wanting his money before entering the shipyard.

Today was a hot day & I remembered him also saying something about his car's AC not working. I had the feeling this will not help the situation. So, when we met again, after a 15 min drive from his house to the marina, we found Mr. Hyde behind the wheel. He said that he doesn't feel like doing the job anymore & turned around & drove away.

Does anybody know a good aluminum welder?!

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