Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sea encounters – The hitchhikers

After crossing the Strait of Messina, between Sardinia & Italy, we’ve decided to anchor in a little bay on the coast of Vulcano Island. A few steaks for dinner, a morning swim & we were set to go.

As we were leaving the Island, we noticed a skinny man, wearing a straw hat, trying to paddle his tiny 'Hobby 16' catamaran in a windless weather, while his beautiful daughter is still having her beauty sleep, under the mast. As our merciful captain suggested, we drove by their little boat & offered them a ride. Paul & Bianca seemed very surprised & grateful while Paul was tying our red rope to his mast.

We spent a magical hour with the modest architect & his shy daughter, on the deck of Black Dolores, having a morning beer & some Israeli peanuts.

Before entering our new anchorage spot in Lipari Island, Paul jumped in the water to untie the catamaran. The shy Bianca, who could probably not bare a moment alone with those generous strangers, jumped right after, screaming "Papi!" from the top of her petit lungs, leaving us with the perfect new word for our impersonations lexicon.

Here are some more pictures of our voyage between Sardinia & Rome:

(BTW: I've reached my destination. More on that in the next posts).

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