Thursday, August 27, 2009

Port Camargue - Mission accomplished

On the 41st day of our voyage, we finally reached our destination. People have the tendency to ask if you're excited, just before your moment of truth. Usually my answer would be 'no'. I'm usually not excited till the moment is on. So, while we were making our way to the entrance of Port Camargue's marina, I was waiting anxiously for the instant when it will hit me; & then, a distant flashing light was pointing our way – a boat in the dark, getting closer & closer, till we could hear the cheering people on board. I guess they had to remind me it's excitement time & I was feeling it right away. When Dani turned his camera light in their direction, I could finally see the long awaited faces of Claude & Daniel, two of the original French explores & makers of Black Dolores. After guiding us into the gates of the marina, Daniel Jumped on board of Black Dolores & drove his old boat back in her familiar waters. In a maneuver I didn’t know my boat was capable of, he gently glided Black Dolores into a tight spot, I could hardly park my car in.

After Claude, Daniel & their wives finished exploring every inch of the boat, we could finally open our bottle of champagne & declare: "Around the world in 22 years!".

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