Thursday, July 30, 2009


4 days after leaving Greece, we've arrived in Catania (Italy) & figured out that we have a lot of time to spare. That means that I can actually try & live the life of a real cruiser - moving from one port to the other, letting Black Dolores & the wind take us wherever they wish. I guess that's the way my father wished to spend his old days & I'm starting to fall in love with this way of life. So, after cruising on the east coast of Sicily, eating some pizza & carpaccio & spending a fortune on 'Yacht parking', we bought a Maltese flag & set sail to Malta (it's a courtesy sea law to put up a flag of the country you're entering). I have some crazy thoughts of not coming back has planed & pursuing my new love affair with Black Dolores, sailing from France to Spain & Portugal, going down to Morocco & sailing the west coast of Africa or where ever Black Dolores wants us to go. Maybe some day we'll arrive in Antarctica & spend the winter on the ice. Does anyone wants to sponsor my voyage?

Here are some pictures of the past 2 weeks of sailing:

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  1. Yoni You're in love. Don't sell the were meant for it