Thursday, July 9, 2009

First stop - Larnaca

After 32 hours of beautiful sailing from Israel to Cyprus, we arrived in Larnaca. The immigration police man says, that the last time Black Dolores was here, was September 2004. I guess that was the last time my parents ever sailed to Cyprus. In a few hours we'll depart the marina & make our way to Crete.

Here are some pictures to tell the story on our last 3 days:


  1. how marvelous and sad at the same time. all these emotions combined. good luck young sailor and may Ruvens' spirt gide you and keep you from harm on your journey together.

  2. go get em yoni!!!

    such a great adventure.....i am jealous there is nothing like seeing a big moon on an empty sea....
    all the best, we are thinking of you all the way...
    give Li my love....

  3. great to see that all is going well ;) nice fish ;)

  4. Wow, I wish I were able to be there and share that with you guys! Yoni, I'm sure your Dad is proud of what you and your friends are accomplishing right now! You guys ROCK, man! Plus, you sail and fish at the same time!...and you still manage to catch: you have my blessings and have all just earned my repects!! I see the table I designed is still there; so guys, enjoy all your meals! And Yoni, is that my ex-bed you chose to sleep in? The one in the front left side? Good choice! Hope to catch up regularly and see you soon, hopefully in Italy. Best wishes for the rest of the voyage, for this is a true voyage!
    Love you all. Arno

  5. oh man,
    this is so are a one determined ziegler. whatching you!
    safe jurneys,
    yuval and shahar

  6. איזה ליכלוך!
    שתהייה אחלה הרפתקאה.
    תבלו ותשמרו על עצמכם.
    עוקב בדריכות.